Friday, March 26, 2010

Hayseed and Tumbleweed

"It's the windy season"
That's what people keep telling us. 

45 mph out of the west with gusts up to 60 mph are predicted for the next few days or for however long it takes us to get past the mountains from which they originate.  Visibility has been reduced to less than a mile from all the dust. It's great, if you like having your eyeballs exfoliated- and its free.

I've decided to retire my tires here in El Paso, they are delaminating after after 3100 miles of solid use.  I've had several flats over the past few days and am quickly catching up to Bryans total.  Patching tubes in the blazing sun while being sandblasted in the face on the side of a busy road is an excellent test of contentment.    

El Paso, tx

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