Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Stars to sand

We started off the day by saying bye to Mike as he would spend today surfing the winds east back to Alpine to the Amtrak station.  On journey such as these,  much wisdom is gained.  It's been great, Mike, see you in San Diego.
Today turn out to be one of the most physically taxing days yet.  75 miles against a sustained 30 mph headwind. 

Van Horn, tx

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Casey said...

Hey Ryan,
Just got your package in the mail. I hope it gets there in time. She said it would be there in 2-3 days. In case it doesn't get there soon enough, Jim said to let you know to set it up so they could forward it to your next drop point. Anyway, hope everything is going well, can't wait to hear from you again!
Casey :)