Thursday, January 21, 2010

I'm holed up in a hostel for now in Kitty Hawk, NC right on the coast waiting for this weather to pass over and giving my tendons a chance to rest. Thanks again to Ben in Currituck for letting me crash on the couch, it was great to meet everyone and visit your church.

There are two peacocks just outside calling to each other "YOW! YOW!" It was kind of cute for about 2 minutes but then I began to think that if those birds met with an unfortunate accident I would have both food and a quiet place to sleep.

With my change in direction to the south, the headwinds I've fought for the past 100 miles are now more or less tailwinds and the change in scenery is great. Not that swamps aren't fun, but the beach has a special feeling all its own.

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Aliese said...

We missed you at the COLD DIP last Friday (30+ dippers), but I'm glad to know that you are on your way with this adventure. The ocean sounds wonderful to me, but I encourage you to resist the urge to ride your bicycle into the surf.
The Harrison bike repertoire still shows the scars of our impetuous beach rides on Jekyll Island.
Any hoo, thanks for yet another opportunity to live vicariously through you.
I wish you the best,