Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Highway Haiku

Awesome trip so far. Here is a poetic summary.

Redhouse, Va

They stare as I pass
Farmland celebrity, on
Carpets of asphalt

They watch as I pass
Take a picture, my cow friend
It will last longer

Greenbay, Va

This dog is faster
I think I'll be naming him
"the motivator"

Lawrenceville, Va

Tent behind a burm
It's holding back a large lake
It's my dam campsite

Ok that's all for now. Pushing for the Outer Banks tomorrow.


Aliese said...

Good to hear from you....

Be gone, chasing dogs
With snow and cold all around
Maps over-rated

Laura H. said...

Barrier islands
Sand and ocean ecotone
A journey begins

It's great to read your updates! We're thinking of you.