Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Bodhisattva.

It wasn't until about a month ago that I ever considered that anyone would want to sponsor my adventure.  That's exciting- getting free gear and even getting paid to do something that's so much fun, entering the world of "professional adventure athletics" just out of college.  How many people have dreamt of that since childhood?  The publicity, the logos, the stuff.

I am sponsored by foxes. Vulpes vulpes.

I looked into it and asked around.  With some help, found some takers- deals were in progress, and deals were made.

There has been lots of very hard work involved and many sacrifices made in order to spend the next 6 months in total freedom, roaming the country and eventually, the world.  Its meant living a minimal lifestyle, only buying the gear needed to make these trips happen.  And every paycheck earned in the past year was looked at in terms of 'days worth of food while traveling'.

Truthfully, I have what is needed to make it happen (barely), because it's been earned.  This blog was about to be plastered with logos from sponsors, and although the additional support would have been appreciated, one must wonder what may have been lost.

Whats to lose?

Something should be made clear:
Whatever you do in life, make sure your motives are intrinsic and pure.  You must love your journeys and challenges and claim them as your own in every respect.

They contain the incredible power to inspire others, but if the original idea was seeded by the prospect of fame, or "one up-ing" anyone, the magic has already been lost.
They can earn you money and material support, if you are good, but this should never become a primary motivator.  For some, it does.

I've recently decided to terminate all of my sponsorship deals.

Maybe one day I'll look for sponsors again, if I do decide to take on something where that would be appropriate.  But for now, this is not merely a hobby, it is my lifestyle and I'm here because I truly want to be and because it makes me happy.

This is my Bodhi tree.

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