Monday, August 9, 2010

State lines and testing limits.

I must say.. I am so tired of buying shoes.  Its taken 7 different pairs since the trip began but I think I've finally figured it out: first of all, Keens aren't awesome.  Secondly, I learned what 'medial posting' is and that I need shoes with that.  Thanks to 'Drugstore' for helping me out with that one.  My main limiting factor each day is intense pain on the top of my foot right that is the result of chronic pronation over a span of about 28 miles, I was limited to low 30's at my max.  Gleb 'Drugstore' ( is an Ultra marathon runner from Oregon, we hiked for 2 days together out of Seiad Valley and covered some ridiculous miles.  Yesterday was the biggest day yet for both of us.  We got an early start a few miles north of Green and Cook Pass, pounded caffeine and rocked 50 trail miles unsupported over the next 18 hours out of California to I-5 that leads into Ashland, OR.  His parents met us there at 11:30pm with lots of great food and I was ever so grateful to get to sleep on the floor of their hotel room.  What wonderful people they are.

Crossing the first state line was a great feeling of accomplishment, but for some, it's a grim reminder of the fact that there is still a very long way to go.  We are catching word of many of our friends behind us dropping off and going home due to injury or just no longer feeling the urge to continue on any further.  Looking back on how far we've come, it's truly difficult to grasp the distance we've traveled up the this point in terms that do justice to the experience- 1730 trail miles from Mexico to Oregon, I guess that will have to do.  The distance from here to the end can now be expressed in one triple digit figure, about 925 miles. Strange.  At that point things are going to change in a big way for me; finding a job, a place to live and readjusting to 'civilization' again all at the same time- but I'm not the only one.

 Here is my next mail drop address:
General Delivery
Ryan Hasty
Cascade Locks, OR 97014
Please hold fro PCT hiker ETA: Aug. 24
Note: the ETA date is an estimated date of arrival I could be there up to 4 days before that.

And also, thanks to everyone who has supported me/us in any way on the journey so far.  The kindness and generosity of everyone we meet along the way continues to replenish my faith in the future of humanity. Thank you.

Ryan Hasty
Ashland, OR
Mile 1730


megliemoo said...

Congrats on how far you've come on the journey. And I recall that Oregon was a time when a lot of people started to drop off the trail. So keep your eye on the pie--the part around Sisters is one of the most beautiful on the trail and I think that Washington is THE BEST section. Enjoy the parts ahead, savor the parts you already experienced:-)

Martin said...

Ryan! ashland is 20 minutes from my house! man you were close to where i was...
what'd you think of oregon?