Thursday, May 27, 2010


Leaving out of Wrightwood we shouldered into the wind towards Baden-Powell.  It was close to 10,000 ft and the trail was covered in 8-12 ft of snow in many places.  I was happy to have my ice axe. Carmen, Valentine, Day-glo and I trudged up the mountain towards the sun.  The radiation reflected off the snow was intense as we climbed above the cloud ceiling.  The rhythm of the climb fell into place- ice axe in, kick steps left and right, repeat.  The thinner air becomes more apparent above 8000 ft and my heart beats faster, probably more from the excitement.  I love getting higher.
The late start that day and the conditions placed us on the west ridges as the sun was setting and the snow was refreezing.  We camped below a saddle as a snow storm moved in that night and the cold wind of needles bit through my clothes. 
The high sierra are the subject of my dreams, not just in  the context of this trail but the pull of the bigger mountains is unmistakable.  For now we walk, this is our journey.
Agua Dulce, Ca       

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Kitchen Sister said...

I swear it was steeper in real life! -Kirsten/Valentine/Polkadot/THUMP THUMP