Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Wheelman

Bryan and I rolled into Phoenix yesterday after 96 miles of big climbs and headwinds.  We had set up a stay with Blaise Faber whom we met via  He offered to meet us in Tempe and ride with us another 20 miles to his house in phoenix.  In addition to other bike tours he is planning an epic ride in only a few days that will take him from San Francisco to northern Alaska on a penny farthing (see picture).
He can be followed on his website
www.bygonebicyclist. com

Thanks Blaise for getting us in and out of the city safely,  best of luck on your journey.

We are only a stones throw from San Diego now, if you can throw a stone 375 miles.  We should be there April 11 or so.  Then.. skydiving? We'll see.

Wickenburg, Az


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Aliese said...

The penny-farthing thing is cool, but you guys should try the Kick-N-Go:

Aliese said...


That previous comment is from Jim.
What are the chances of meeting a penny-farthing man? Good to hear you are doing well. You are almost there!

Kathy said...

Skydiving: Just what a mom wants to hear...Glad you have had such a great trip!