Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Could it be? Sun in the forecast?  Looks to be so.  We crossed into Texas today after taking a zero due to weather in Deridder, La.  With 9 states down and over 2000 miles behind me, I think I'll call this my halfway point.  I got my first flat the other day while heading to Mamou, La not a big deal except I'm keeping a close eye on the half inch gash that is now in my front tire that I had to boot with an old gift card.  Bryan can't seem to catch a break from getting flats even with his new bulletproof Schwalbe tires he picked up in Baton Rouge.  Mike got a flat today as well while we were taking a break on the side of the road. 
In Mamou we slept in the maintenance garage of the local police station and mingled with a few inmates who were doing chores around the building.  Crack is a hell of a drug.  Carol has gone on ahead and is about 50 miles west of us after pushing through the rain all day yesterday.
We got permission from the mayor of Kirbyville,  Tx to let us sleep in the town park tonight.  Sara seems to have a way with local government authorities.  The last town park we stayed at in Simmesport, La was occupied by a very sweet stray dog that chewed my helmet to pieces while we were asleep.  I like to think it adds character to an otherwise unremarkable piece of gear.
The temperatures are still pretty low at night and crossing into Texas brought back many memories of driving across the state last spring break- the smell of vegetable oil and diesel are still deeply entrenched within me.  Texas is a really big state.  The trucks are fast and the sand blows in the wind. 
The road is beginning to feel like such an integral part of living now.  I have everything I need- I have even more than I need.  With contentment comes an enormous sense of inner calm.  The pain and poor weather are merely temporary, as are all forms, but the now is ever present.  Wherever you are, that's where you are.  It's a feeling to cherish.

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Liese said...

Wow. You continue to be amazing, my friend. I miss you! Stay safe!