Monday, March 22, 2010

'Malls and malls of dessert in every direction'

The West Texas desert is vast but far from empty.  How do people say that there is 'nothing out there"? The mountains follow no pattern or form and around every bend is the next most wonderful view I've ever seen.  There have been intense headwinds, but they are not frustrating.  To become angry at the wind or at the hills or the sun makes no sense- what good is it?  In every moment there is an eternity, every moment is a porthole to the future that never arrives.  The wind simply is.  The hills simply are.  Miles are meaningless.  This is the suchness of life.

In each moment of the day I swear I could not be happier, but I am continuously overwhelmed by the abundace that exists in our world.  Even in places that would be considered barren or desolate, there is a fullness in the cycles of life and death that brings a truth to the world unlike anything I could have imagined.  It ties us all into the bigger picture.  I wonder how it took me so long to realize this on a level deeper than thought or knowledge.

The nights are so incredibly clear, that the stars present themselves as a glowing haze.  The sky looks like a hubble photograph, as if I suddenly have super teloscopic vision.  The sun setting against the canyon walls and rocky cliffs brings out every color of the rainbow as eagles catch the last of the days rising thermals against the backdrop of distant firey mountains.  There is a sense of pure inner peace within, such that if everything I owned was lost, I would still have more than I needed.  More than fearing death, we tend to fear life itself.

'Stillness is the language of God, everything else is details.'

Alpine, Tx


Melinda Hasty said...

For our Northern Friends:
In Texas, "miles" is pronounced "malls" :)

Zach said...

Have yall made it through Del Rio yet? We hope you enjoyed Wimberley.... and our donuts!

Aliese said...

Love your posts. We mailed your pkg. by priority mail 3/23 to NM.

Your new awareness makes me want to do a long distance trip. What I need to do is live my life like you are a constant state of wonder and appreciation.

Kathy Shearer said...

Very nice reflections, Ryan. Sounds like a book in the works...Since you jettisoned your stove, are you cooking by the heat of the Texas sun?

Ryan said...

May the title be open to interpretation.