Friday, March 19, 2010

Big sun

PO Mail drop:
Ryan Hasty
2253 Calle De Parian
Mesilla, NM 88046

Please hold for cross country cyclist. 
ETA: 3/28/2010

Texas gets a gotfr rating of 2 so far.   What a nice state.  Riding a bike across tex is much nicer than driving.  It's the difference between journey oriented travel and destination oriented travel. The trees are budding and the desert wild flowers are blooming everywhere. 
Mike, Bryan and I did a big day into del Rio,  tx where the celebrated st. Pattys day in a bar with all the members of the local vfw.  Cell signal is very sparse in these parts,  so I may be MIA for the next week. 
There are 60 mile waterless stretches ahead through this next section and at one point on the route we'll be within a days ride of Big Bend NP. I sent home my stove last week to make room for extra water. We run into awesome folks from time to time who stop to talk or share a campsite.  (Matt and Page,  it was great to meet you both).  Sometimes people pull over in their cars and hand us food or water, it means a lot. 

More later when I can get to an actual computer. Having a great time and loving life.
Del Rio,  tx


Aliese said...


Good to read your post and glad you are doing well. I will mail a pkg. to the address priority probably tomorrow the 23rd. Sorry we missed your call the other day. We had our first warm sunny day, so we were outdoors.


Anonymous said...

I have not understood, what you mean?