Thursday, February 4, 2010

Maida Glew and the Ontario crew.

Hopping through Georgia state parks has been a lot of fun. As I entered Little Ocmulgee State Park near McRae, Georgia, I quickly met the campground host. Her name was Maida. "I'm Maida- Maida Glew. I'm the only Maida Glew you'll ever meet." I believe her.

I set up my tent and reviewed my dinner options; the outlook was less than ideal- instant mashed potatoes, sardines, ramen. I hadn't had a chance to go by the store all day and the nearest one was several miles away. I was also running low on fuel for cooking, so I asked around a bit. I was soon introduced to Mike O'Grady and the rest of the Ontario crew. They happened to know of a church just a few miles away in town that has a $4 dinner every Wednesday, and they offered me a ride.

Things like this don't happen often, but when they do, its true magic. I'd like to extend a very special thank you to Mike O'Grady and the Ontario crew and the rest of the folks I met that night at the McRae United Methodist Church. What an amazing dinner! Such unexpected generosity and good company is a big part of what makes this trip truly amazing. It's great to meet others with such an open and adventurous outlook on life.

That evening was just what I needed for today. With heavy rains predicted by noon, I had the calories I needed to hammer out 65 miles by 12:15 to get to GA Veterans Memorial SP with plenty of time to set up camp before the storm. I think I'll take a zero day here tomorrow to let the storm pass- and also as a way to celebrate officially crossing the one thousand mile mark today.

One thousand amazing miles.

Thanks again,
Ryan Hasty
Cordele, Ga


Rebekah said...
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Rebekah said...

Music made by a ramblin man, fit for the ears of a kindred soul =) enjoy.

Aliese said...

Thanks for the phone call the other day. It was great hearing from you--your stories are always so funny. Jim told me about the hanger thing. Very weird. Sea veggies are hard to come by in the Appalachians, but we should have some for you next stop. We are mailing a pkg Mon. with a few other goodies though.
Love hearing about your trip, Aliese