Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The crew

From top to bottom:
Carol with her dog Rosey and her friend 'Hook'.
- Hook isn't travelling with us. Rosey is a certified service dog- she belongs to Carol, but Carol doesn't rely on her services.  Carol is retired from the air force and is a very tough lady.  Rosey is probably on the most epic adventure a little dog could ever imagine.
Brian 'the dirty bird' Carbone from New Jersey
- Brian is 25 and just graduated with a degree in math.  Bryan,  Jeff and I move at a similar pace so we are usually on the road together at any given point in time.
Jeff Greenberg from SC
- Jeff is a computer programmer and expert stealth camper from South Carolina.  This is not his first tour, to date he has logged over 7000 miles.
Mike Powers from NY
- Mike just joined us in Pensecola, after taking a greyhound bus down from Long Island.  He and Sara are fresh out of the gates and just getting broken in for the long haul.
And Sara Dyehouse from p'cola FL
-Ive been staying with Sara while I was in Pensecola.  She is an attorney for the state of Florida also has a dream to thruhike he PCT after riding to California.

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Rees said...

You all must resemble a bit of a caravan, traveling on two wheels. What kind of services does Rosie supply?