Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Avid BB7 Road Brakes!

I got my Avid bb7 road calipers and disks in today! Footprints are free, but really nice bike parts cost many frog skins.

These will replace my Avid Juicy 5 hydraulics because there is no way to mount the levers on my drop bars (also coming soon!). They look pretty sturdy, and I think they will work just fine. I had reservations at first about putting road calipers on my mtn/ touring bike, but apparently all of Avids brakes are built strong enough to be used for downhill racing, so they should be able to stop me + 30 lbs of gear at 30 mph. One hopes.

The Levers: Cane Creek Drop V's

The drops bars I've chosen are the Salsa Bell Laps. There are mixed reviews about them, but the type of bars one chooses is a very personal decision- and theres no way to tell if you'll like them without trying them. I just ordered those from my local bike shop (LBS) and my bar end shifters are also on the way from


V said...

for the record, my cantilever brakes have survived emory, both sets of appalachians, kentucky "rolling hills", the ozarks, the rockies (multiple times), the cascades, and now madison (without having to replace the pads yet, though i'm bound to do it before next summer). also, if you're wondering about anything or ever need bike/other stuff shipped while you're out there, i'll be more than happy to help. hope you're doing great, hasty!!

Anonymous said...

Just did a Google search for folks using BB& road calipers on mountain bikes and came across this. Why did you put long pull levers with short pull brakes? You should have gone with different levers (SCR-5) or different calipers (mountain). That being said, how do the calipers work off-road?